From a humble beginning in a small garage, Dale Skipper began his woodworking career in the late 1980’s building custom furniture. His business took off when people started noticing the remarkable quality of his products.

Dale Skipper


Since 1996, Factory Outlet Wood Mouldings Inc. has steadily grown. Some new additions in recent years include a separate warehouse facility and a new 6-head Weinig moulder. The business’ commitment to quality and innovation has earned it a solid reputation.

Dale’s passion for excellence and continuous improvement has allowed him to develop a business committed to producing wood mouldings of the finest quality. Contact us today and see the difference for yourself.


By 1993, plans to build a larger facility were under way. The new facility was ready in 1996 with several new pieces of woodworking machinery installed and ready to go. It was at this point that Dale started producing wood mouldings.